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Patient had come to our center with a big list of dental problems:

  • Missing front tooth
  • Bad smile architecture
  • Badly shaped teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Pain & Sensitivity in few teeth
He had undertaken dental treatments on a regular basis but had to visit the dentist regularly as one or the other tooth kept of giving trouble.  Now he was looking for a long term solution to avoid frequent dental visits and a comfortable set of teeth.


After a thorough dental check up and understanding the expectation of the the patient, our solution to the problem was simple.

 Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment which helps to 

  • Restore teeth to their natural shape and size 
  • Correction of Bite and improved chewing
  • Improved Facial and Dental Aesthetics
  • Incorporates protective mechanisms within treatment to reduce the wear and tear of teeth, gums and jaw joints.



The Problem List:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Ugly looking crowns
  • Missing upper right teeth
  • Bleeding gums

Treatment done at different places had resulted in a mosaic pattern.  Looking for a one time solution that could give him a better smile.  

One point to consider: “I have only 7 days before I fly back to my country”


Treatment was aimed to achieve good aesthetics as well as functionality of teeth and included the following 

All Ceramic Crowns

Root Canal Treatment
Composite Build Up

5-6 Appointments later the patient was happy and ready to fly back to his country.



A lady with a kind heart that feared the dentists, especially the dentist’s drill. 

“Doc, I am going to be your worst patient.  I am very afraid of dentists but now I am in a situation that I cannot avoid them.”

Problems lists included all sorts of dental problems: missing teeth, dislodged bridges, bleeding gums, irregular teeth… the list goes on.


Our main aim was to make sure to keep her comfortable and remove the fear and anxiety of dentists as well as provide her with a beautiful and long lasting smile she deserves.

At last, we were able to achieve both with simple dental treatments and a lot of talks to keep her calm during treatment.

Its not magic, its Simply Dentistry.  All it took was : 

Root Canal Treatment
All Ceramic Crowns



Every child has a cute smile with a few oddly positioned teeth.  But as a child grows so does his self awareness and a moment comes when he desires a straighter and a more adult looking beautiful smile.

It was the same case with our champion patient who always had a smile on his face. 

His demand was simple:

“A straight set of teeth”


We always care for our patient’s wishes and wanted him to feel good about his smile.  He was recommened: 

Orthodontic Treatment (with Braces)

Although it takes some time to improve the position of teeth, the final result speaks for itself.

We were satisfied and so was our champ.

Finally he got what he desired and we were happy to help.