What to Expect after Getting Braces on your Teeth?

You Have Taken The First Step Towards A Beautiful Smile!

You got yourself a new set of braces to improve your smile.  It is good to know that within sometime you will finally achieve a beautiful smile.  Read about these useful tips that will help you sail comfortably through this journey towards a beautiful smile!

Here are a list of things you should expect after getting braces on your teeth.


It is common to have some discomfort during the first few days after getting braces.  Your teeth might feel tender and gums and lips/cheeks may have some soreness.  You may take some pain medication as prescribed by your orthodontist to feel better.  You may be given an ointment to apply at some sore spots on your tongue, cheeck or lips.  Be sure to keep them with you at all times during the first few days. 

The discomfort will reduce in 2-4 days and you should no longer require any pain medication.  In case the pain still persists, contact your orthodontist about the same. 

Loose Brackets

Sometimes a bracket sticking on to your teeth may become loose during the treatment.  If this results in wire poking in some area, you can apply dental wax provided to you by your orthodontist in that area till you can visit our clinic to get it fixed.

If brackets become loose on a regular basis, it indicates that you should make some changes to your diet or activities which results in loose brackets. 

Foods to Avoid

You can eat immediately after you leave the clinic, but make sure you follow the diet instructions given to you.  There are few foods that you should avoid during the course of your treatment, such as - hard food, sugary and sticky food items.  Hard food items will cause damage to your braces and wires, whereas, sugary and sticky food will get caught between wires and braces and may cause tooth decay/cavitiy.

Avoid activities, such as nail biting, chewing on a pencil/pen or any foreign object.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important, more so during orthodontic treatment.  With braces and wires on your teeth, particles any food you eat will remain in between them until you clean them well.  Therefore, it is essential that you rinse you mouth well after every meal and brush at least twice daily.  Check in front of a mirror to see if there is any food particles present even after brushing and brush them off before proceeding to do your daily work.